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Your first visit

Your first visit is very important, during this time we are able to gather all the required information from you to determine firstly if chiropractic care is suitable, and secondly providing you are accepted for care – what treatment is necessary.

The initial consultation begins with the patient filling out some simple intake forms, followed by a comprehensive health history, conducted by the chiropractor. This will guide the chiropractor as to which examination procedures are necessary, and usually involves orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic spinal assessments.

If necessary the patient will then be referred out for spinal x-rays.

This information is used to determine if the patient is suitable for chiropractic care and if accepted, an outline of the amount of care required will be discussed.

The principal mode of care in a chiropractic office is the removal of vertebral subluxations using spinal adjustments. Therefore, a typical visit will involve some specific soft tissue techniques to remove muscle spasm, (nearly always associated with a subluxation), followed by an adjustment. The patient will then be given advice on stretching and strengthening exercises to be done at home, as well as advice on lifestyle changes necessary to reduce stress to the spine.